IMPORTANT:  When you fill out your Costume Deposit form, you will tick a box that indicates you have read,understood and agree to the following terms and conditions:- 


Payment-in-full must be received as directed prior to the commencement of show rehearsal to secure your costume.. 


The performance opportunity is run as a professional theatre tour and as such is subject to entertainment industry considerations.

Ashgrove Dance Studio reserves the right to alter the dates and details of rehearsals and performance experiences without notice. All fees paid for merchandise and costume packs are non-refundable.  Orders are placed with printing/costume companies at the time that participants submit their orders.If a participant chooses not to participate in a performance experience, they must organise to collect any merchandise or costume items they ordered at their own expense. 


By submitting this form you hereby authorise Ashgrove Dance Studio to take and use any photographs, video or sound recordings of you/your child and reproductions or adaptations of your/his/her likeness, either in full or part and in conjunction with any wording, in any Ashgrove Dance Studio publication, production and presentation, including electronic/internet marketing materials for the purpose of promoting Ashgrove Dance Studio and its programs in a positive manner. This Media and Publicity Consent will remain in effect indefinitely.


By submitting this form you indicate your desire to participate in the full programs and activities (the “Activities”) of Ashgrove Dance Studio's Production (“The Program”). You acknowledge that there are risks in participating in the Activities. You agree that, having taken such precautions within its discretion,

Ashgrove Dance Studio will not be held responsible for any injury, sickness or accident or for any loss or damage to personal property resulting from participating in the Activities.

You authorise Ashgrove Dance Studio to secure medical care if necessary. If for any reason medical attention beyond any first aid supplied by or on behalf of the Program is required, you agree to be responsible for any expenses incurred. You agree to indemnify the Program, its officers, directors, agents, and employees with respect to all suits, actions, and prosecutions by reason of any Activity carried out by you whether on or off the Program’s