Fee Information

Fees are calculated on a Term basis.

Fees must be paid within the first 3 week of the Term to ensure we can continue to offer classes (a late payment fee can be applied for unpaid fees post this time). 

Our preferred method of payment is online via our Portal.
No allowance for lessons missed will be made on term payments, although the lesson may be made up by attending at another time.  Should you be experiencing issues making payment within the 3 week period a payment arrangement must be discussed.  Please email ashgrovedancestudio@gmail.com and we'll get in touch.

A pro rata term fee will be calculated for students not commencing at the start of the term.

If you only wish to pay for lessons attended, you should pay the weekly fee of $22 per lesson for ¾ lessons or $24.00 for 1 hour or more lessons.

If you have any problems accessing the portal please contact us at ashgrovedancestudio@gmail.com and we can assist in getting this working for you. 

Discount Structure

For students and families attending multiple lessons we offer a discount. 

Dancers Discount - Individual Dancers wishing to attend Multiple forms of Dance - Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary as well as Ballet receive a 10% Discount for 4 or more Classes attended in a week. **

Family Discount - 15% discount available for families who have students attending six lessons or more per week. **

Major Ballet Students - we also offer Major Ballet students the option of attending 2 or more ballet classes per week at a $55 per week rate. 

** No further discount is applicable on the Major Ballet students rate however, this will count for 2 classes towards the dancers and family discount rates for any other style of dance attended.

Please contact us at ashgrovedancestudio@gmail.com to arrange for this any appropriate discounts to be applied to your account if you notice it hasn't been automatically noted.

Registration Fee

A registration fee is payable annually per family of $25.