Ashgrove Dance Studio is a locally-owned, family-run business that has been part of the Ashgrove community for more than 100 years. Our studio offers caring nurturing personal attention, talented instructors and confidence boosting experiences. 

At Ashgrove Dance Studio, every dancer is a Star!

Whether your child wants to train for a performance or exam, learn in a casual class setting or just have some fun, Ashgrove Dance Studio is the place for them.

Our Preschool range of Ballet classes offer age-appropriate introduction to Dance.  In the classes, children have the opportunity to explore their creativity, imagination and self-expression while learning and developing the skills that are the building blocks for dance and movement. Classes are designed to be a fun source of exercise and a creative outlet while improving self-esteem and self-expression.

Classes include Creative Movement, Tiny Tots and Beginners Ballet.

We offer a full selection of RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) Ballet Syllabus. From 6 years kids can try Jazz Hop, a combination of Jazz technique and Hip Hop moves or Tap. 

Senior students also have the option of Contemporary, Broadway Jazz, Tap and Hip Hop as well as RAD syllabus Ballet classes.  Beginner to advanced dancers will be inspired, as well as have their creativity, co-ordination and general fitness boosted.

We offer a range of classes specifically for adult dancers.  Whether you’ve learnt before, have always wanted to or are an experienced adult dancer we have Ballet, Tap and Jazz classes on offer.  We welcome all ages, experience levels and sizes.  Dance is a great way to keep your mind active, increase flexibility and general fitness.  Our Adult community is a great place to make new friends in a welcoming, supportive environment.

So, whether you a graceful swan or one with a little more silver in your feathers Ashgrove Dance Studio can make sure you are the Star of your own Dance dreams.

Take the first step on your dance journey by completing the Enquire about classes form in the Contact Us menu.

Ashgrove Dance Studio Values

Ashgrove Dance Studio is dedicated to providing every student with a friendly, supportive, non-competitive and positive dance experience.  We encourage each student to achieve their potential and strive to provide wonderful lifetime memories for the whole family of dancing.

Ashgrove Dance Studio recognises that is it a gift to work with our students and we take great responsibility in ensuring young students in our care are treated with respect and kindness. 

At Ashgrove Dance Studio, every dancer is a Star!

Our Values:

• Confidence
• Respect
• Inclusiveness
• Enjoyment
• Friendships